At the core of Yamuna® are several key concepts.

Direct bone stimulation first, and then work the muscles to improve bone alignment.
Direct bone stimulation  improves the quality of bone and rids the bone of excessive impact.
Quality and alignment of bone determines the quality of muscle.
The use of mild traction allows muscles and fascia to elongate and unwind.
Muscles are gently worked from point of origin to point of insertion on the bones.
Increased  circulation allows new oxygenated blood to enter the areas of restriction.



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My Story

As a certified Yamuna® Body Rolling Practitioner, I am an instructor of Whole-Body Sustainability. I am married, a proud mother and grandmother, and have been an instructor and coach in the fitness and health industry for nearly 30 years. I delved into Yoga and Pilates. And, while I found it helpful,  there was still an element missing. I needed something that would create space in my joints as well as improve musculature tissue...


“Thanks for helping me get back on the ball and realize how nice it feels to unlock some of those tight muscles and joints. So glad we can watch the videos over and over again.  I really appreciate being able do to these routines at my convenience.  Your instruction is so clear, making it easy to follow along without even having to look at the video.”

Crystal G. - Settler, AB



“With nine certifications, including 4 Yamuna® modalities, and 30 years’ experience, I help you move well and age well, to keep doing the things you love to do.”  

-  Anne