Hi, I'm Anne Thiessen

Yamuna® Body Rolling Practitioner

I'm glad you're here.  I'd like to help

I believe people need to keep their fitness and sport activities
& have a Body Sustainability program side by side

so they can keep doing the things they love to do!

     After 25 years as an instructor/coach in the fitness industry I began to feel the wear and tear and impact on my body.  Plus, injuries from 3 car accidents were not healing as I would have liked either.  I desperately began seeking ways to live a life without pain and keep my mobility and keep doing the things I loved to do.….

I discover Body Rolling.  A therapeutic, do it yourself, method of relieving pain and physical trauma. 


And what did I do with it? 

I began to heal myself first and then the 'instructor' in me just had to start sharing this method and the tools to help other people.

I'm glad you're here because I would like to help you too.

"I don't just help you heal from physical pain and trauma,

I give you the tools to help yourself"

Relieve aches & pains

Increase Joint Mobility

Heal faster from injuries & prevent new ones

Improve balance & core strength

Create greater bone density & quality

Free the body of traumatic blocks of the past

Increase flexibility, circulation & breathing

Stimulate cardio-vascular & Lymphatic circulation

Massage deep muscles/tissue

Prevent losing mobility and range of motion as you age

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"Body Rolling has literally changed the shape of my body.  

Anne is very knowledgeable in all things about the body and is an excellent teacher. 

She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. 

I would recommend this practice for everyone. 

Once you start you soon realize how good it makes you feel."


Rita J,  Sylvan Lake, AB