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I'm glad you're here. 

I'd like to help.

Hi, I'm Anne Thiessen

Yamuna® Body Rolling Practitioner

As a certified Yamuna® Body Rolling Practitioner, I am an instructor of Whole-Body Sustainability. 

From 'Face to Feet' I provide solutions to aches, pains and injuries by empowering people help to themselves.  


I am a married, mother and grandmother and have  been an instructor and coach in the fitness and health industry for nearly 30 years 

My certifications began in 1994 with the AFLCA (Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association) completing specialties in Group Fitness, Resistance Training, Fitness for the Older Adult and Aquatic Fitness.   

Certification in 200hr TT Yoga also obtained.

"My focus has always been to help people achieve and maintain a well-functioning body."

Having suffered a debilitating back injury, which required surgery, and injuries from three car accidents, I began my search  for a method of treatment to help me regain range of motion and a way to maintain and sustain my whole body. I delved into the Yoga and Pilates. And, while I found it helpful,  there was still an element missing. 

I needed something that would  create space in my joints as well as improve musculature tissue. 

That’s when I found Yamuna® Body Rolling ….and I was hooked!


It is literally a self-massage.  A therapeutic, do it yourself, method of relieving pain and physical trauma.

Yamuna® Body Rolling makes logical sense anatomy wise and feels great.” 


 As our bodies age sustainability becomes more important. Strained or torn muscles can cause long term suffering. There is a gradual and natural decline of our bodies as we age. Decreased stamina, muscle mass, and bone density, require modifications, variations, and adjustments to the approach of our physical well-being.”  

“Today I teach the things I wish were available to me

during my early aging years.”



There are ways to live a life without pain while building strength and stamina. With my extensive knowledge, continued education in this ever-changing fitness world and my own life experiences, I provide customized programs to fit my client’s specific needs.  


"I'm reaping the benefits of Yamuna® Body Rolling and I feel great 99% of the time!"

You can too!"

Yamuna Ball Rolling can:

Relieve Aches and Pains


Increase Joint Mobility

Heal faster from Injuries and

Prevent New Ones


Improve Balance and

Core Strength


Create Greater Bone


and Quality


Free the Body of


Blocks of the Past

Increase flexibility, Circulation

and Breathing

Stimulate Cardio-Vascular and

Lymphatic Circulation

Massage Deep Muscles/Tissue

Prevent Losing Mobility and 

Range of Motion as You Age