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Yamuna Body Rolling

to help you age well and move well


Learn to decrease pain and increase mobility so you can live the life you’ve always wanted.

Welcome to Wellness 4 Every Body!
Are you...

  • Tired of fighting your aging joints and muscles?

  • Frustrated by fitness programs that don't deliver results?

  • Wondering if there is a better way to address your pain than an endless list of medications?



Hi!  I'm Anne


Do you feel like pain is just a way of life as you get older?


I use to fear exactly that!  After a major back injury and three car accidents I began to think I would just have to accept the loss of my mobility.  I mean, I wasn't getting any younger!  Yoga and pilates helped a little but I felt there was an piece missing...... 



What is Yamuna® Body Rolling?

This unique modality uses specially designed balls to stimulate bone and work muscle, create space in joints for greater range of movement, increase circulation and focused breath and movement to assist healing.

Yamuna Body Rolling is for you if:

  • You deal with pain or restricted movement

  • You're recovering from an injury

  • You want to enhance your performance in your favorite sports

  • You simply want to feel better!


“Thanks for helping me get back on the ball and realize how nice it feels to unlock some of those tight muscles and joints. So glad we can watch the videos over and over again.  I really appreciate being able do to these routines at my convenience.  Your instruction is so clear, making it easy to follow along without even having to look at the video.”

Crystal G. - Settler, AB


“With nine certifications, including 4 Yamuna® modalities, and 30 years’ experience, I help you move well and age well, to keep doing the things you love to do.”  

-  Anne

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