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Be the master of your own body and health!


Hi, I'm Anne Thiessen
Yamuna® Body Rolling Practitioner

I want to help you take control of your health with tools you can use to heal yourself.  You don't have to accept pain as a necessary evil of aging.

Through the modality of Yamuna® Body Rolling , you can say goodbye to aches and strains that make you feel 'old' and say hello to the active lifestyle you want to live.





My mission is to help people achieve and maintain a well-functioning body.

As a wife, mother and grandmother, I know how valuable an active body is.  I love being able to keep up with my grandchildren and be part of my family and community.  

But it's been a journey to get here..........

Several years ago, I suffered a debilitating back injury which required extensive surgery.  That, along with three separate car accidents, left me searching for a treatment that could help me get my life back.  I needed to regain range of motion and find a way to maintain and sustain my whole body.

Traditional treatments didn't address my underlying issues, so I delved into Yoga and Pilates.  Both practices were helpful in their own way, but I still felt there was an element missing.  I could feel I needed to create space in my joints and improve my muscular tissue.

That's when I found Yamuna® Body Rolling ........ and I was hooked!

Yamuna® Body Rolling is a DIY method of pain relief and physical therapy.

It makes logical sense anatomically and it feels amazing!


As we age, our bodies face a gradual and perfectly natural decline.  Decreased muscle mass, stamina and bone density require us to modify and adjust our approach to our physical well-being.

But you can live a life without pain while building strength and stamina.  By learning to listen to your body and work with your bones, joints and muscles, you can discover the healthy active life you've dreamed of.  

With my life experience and past and continuing education in this ever-changing world of fitness, I'll help you navigate your own get healthy - stay healthy journey.  I create classes, sessions and customized programs to fit your specific needs.  More than anything I want you to have the tools to live well and age well.

Today I teach the tools I wish were available to me during my early aging years.

In addition to the Yamuna® modalities, my certifications include the AFLCA (Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association) with specialties in Group Fitness, Resistance Training, Fitness for the Older Adult and Aquatic Fitness, as well as 200hr TT Yoga.

Let's talk about how Yamuna® Body Rolling can help you feel like YOU again!

Book your complimentary consultation!

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