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BODY Rolling

Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR) is a unique method with aspects of both exercise and treatment. This program gives people distinct methods to work on themselves in order to increase flexibility, sustain their posture, and maintain strength and alignment throughout their lives.

 ​'Yamuna® is based theoretically on people performing certain movements on a specialized ball called “routines” by controlling their own body weight and stimulating muscular organs, tendons, muscular bellies, and insertions.' (Satoshi)

​Using soft balls that range in size from 4”-10” there is a combination of healing, wellness, and injury prevention in a single workout. You will discover increased core strength as you work individual body parts to their correct positions while the ball makes the necessary space in the body, increasing circulation, and improving range of motion.


Unlike a foam roller, which treats the body as one whole muscle, the ball is 3 dimensional and muscle specific. This allows you to get in and around joints, like your hip or shoulder, and separate each vertebra of your spine, creating space for a longer, leaner, and freer you.

Replicating the pressure of deep tissue massage this is a very powerful self -fixing and maintaining tool that everyone can do regardless of age or physical limitations

This is a safe, direct, simple, and empowering approach to repairing the body.  The  Body Rolling routines used in the classes calm the nervous system, re-balances and creates stability, relieves pain and stress, prevents and heals injury, increases organ function and circulation, improves bone quality and improves alignment in all parts of the body.

‘The Theory and Technique of Yamuna® Body Rolling’ written by Satoshi Suzuki shows that YBR can be extremely useful in treating and curing musculoskeletal problems as well as other common physical ailments and injuries. This is a great peer-reviewed source for Health Care Providers.

Click here: The Theory and Technique of Yamuna® Body Rolling

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Suzuki, Satoshi. "The Theory and Technique of Yamuna Body Rolling" Journal of Physical Therapy Science 25.9 (2013): 1197-1200. doi:10.1589/jpts.25.1197

Back routine

IT band routine

Hamstring routine

Chest routine

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