What can you expect from your complimentary consultation?


Book your consultation by clicking the button below. Select a date and time from my calendar. You can choose to meet online via Zoom or I can phone you. You decide what’s best for you.




Once you’ve filled in the form to book your consultation, you’ll get an email to confirm with a link (if we’re meeting on Zoom). And I’ll talk to you at your scheduled time!



In your consultation, we will discuss what is bothering you. I’ll ask you questions to help us get to the root of your pain or problem. And I’ll get out my balls to demonstrate a few techniques to help you start finding success or relief right away!


You’ll have a chance to ask questions about Yamuna body rolling and your own situation. My main goal is to give you the tools to be the master of your own body and health. And that starts at your complimentary consultation!



Shortly after our call, you’ll receive an email from me. I’ll outline what we talked about in your consultation, and if I feel that Yamuna body rolling will help you move better and live better, I’ll send you a link to join my online membership group free for 7 days. You can look around, see how the classes work, and decide if it’s a fit for you. And I’ll be sure to tag you in a few videos that relate to your situation so you don’t have to go searching for them!


Ready to keep going with group membership? Don’t worry, I’ll keep in touch to help you get started. We’ll talk about the right balls to purchase and where to begin incorporating Yamuna ball rolling into your get healthy - stay healthy lifestyle!


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