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FACE Therapy

The Yamuna Face Ball method is a deeply therapeutic, toning technique. With age, the bones of the skull shrink and facial muscles slacken, taking the skin with them. This method stimulates, lifts and realigns bone, releases fascia (connective tissue) and muscle, activates muscle and increases skin circulation and tone. It also releases pressure in the head, changes stress patterns in the face and re-educates muscles to work in a different way. The whole face is reawakened. It's for men and women of all ages but the younger someone starts, the better chance they have of maintaining a wrinkle-free, relaxed face through the decades.

As well as lifting and reawakening the face and helping reduce fine lines, it also provides relief from the effects of repetitive stress and sustained tension caused by squinting, frowning, jaw clenching and teeth grinding. It can also relieve sinus congestion and sinus headaches and release tension throughout the body. Results are seen immediately but benefits are cumulative with a course of treatments.

Yamuna® Face Therapy is a very powerful practice – basic routines can be learned at workshops that you can then practice at home.  (Due to Covid restrictions all group classes are currently held via zoom)

Private treatments are also available

Anne is one of only a handful of people in Canada trained in Yamuna Facial Therapy,

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