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Yamuna®Body Rolling(YBR)

Q: Will doing YBR help me lose weight?  

A:  Yes!  The back routine , for example, stimulates all the nerve roots along  the spine. In turn, these nerve roots stimulate the function of most of our vital organs. The abdominal routines stimulate the organs and glands directly. Both these forms of stimulation increase circulation (which boosts metabolism).and encourage lymphatic drainage( which reduces fluid build up). Putting direct pressure into the digestive organs also helps them to function better,so your elimination and digestion improve. All these factors help you lose weight

Q: Can I do YBR if I’m pregnant?

A: Yes!  Read more here

Q: Im a runner.  Will YBR help rehabilitate my knees, ankles, hips  and prevent further injury?

A: YES! Many runners resort to a foam roller to work out the tightness in their quads, IT band and hamstrings.   Many foam rollers are made of dense, hard foam with little to no “give.”  Anyone who has tried a foam roller knows that they can be very painful.   If the pressure from the foam roller is too intense, pain is perceived and the body reflexively tenses up. This makes it very difficult to relax the muscle in order to create positive change and correction.


Q: So how does body rolling differ from foam rolling? 

A: Each ball is designed with a specific density and size and meant to be used for specific areas. As such, Yamuna balls can be used on more areas of the body, offering more flexibility and, therefore, more advantages than foam rollers.  The idea is that the compression of these balls into bones, tendons, muscles, and fascia releases restrictions


This direct approach affects your stuck, adhered tissue, helping to improve its health, balance and circulation while restoring length in a way that foam stretching alone just can’t.


Q: I have a cervical herniation and I am not sure if the YBR work will be good for me or make it worse. 

A: In all the Yamuna® Body Rolling routines for the back we always recommend that you keep the head supported at all times. The chin needs to be pulled gently towards the chest with the hand(s) supporting the head and neck throughout the back routines until the ball gets to the cervical spine. At this point, with the chin pulled toward the chest the ball is completely supporting the cervical vertebrae. This is a totally safe and supported position for your neck. As you continue to pull the shoulders down, the ball moves up to the base of the skull and this helps to lift the skull and decompress the cervical vertebrae even more. To come out of the routine, again you support your head and neck with your hands, remove the ball and slowly bring your head down to the mat. When you are trying other routines they should be safe as long as you modify your position to keeping your chin in toward your chest or if face down, your forehead should be down on the mat with the chin tucked in toward the chest.
Q:  Does Body Rolling help my bones?
A:  Yes indeed!  With Body Rolling you are stimulating bone.  Our skeletal system does so much for us it's sometimes easy to forget.  Strong bone health is vital as bones not only provide structure, protection and support, they also provide nutrients, minerals, fats, produce red blood cells and fight against infection.