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The pearl ball has the same consistency as the gold ball but is smaller, so it sinks more deeply into your tissues for a more intense experience. It's also good for getting into small or tight areas like the neck, armpit,

or between the breasts. Called the "YBR Anywhere" ball, it is great for all office and travel routines. This ball is also recommended for people under 5 feet in height. 8" diameter.

Note: This ball comes deflated and needs pump. Pump sold separately.

$45 (CDN)

The black balls are the smallest of all YBR balls, which also makes them great for travel. They are a great next step to graduate to after learning all of the basics. These balls are recommended for working your legs, getting into tight spots, and going up both sides of your spine

Warning: These balls will become damaged if deflated completely. 

Pump sold separately

$55 (CDN)


Apply the same basic concepts of bone stimulation and specific muscle work to the face. When you directly stimulate the facial bones, you prevent bone loss, keep the bones aligned and lifted, and keep the muscles adhering to their attachments and the bone itself. Lose your repetitive stress patterns in your face, take the tension out, and improve your skin glow and muscle tone with the Yamuna Save Face education.

$80 (CDN)
This ball is considered the beginner or basic ball, and is the starting point for people who want to explore YBR®. It has a softer edge and more give, while still supporting your body weight. 
This is the ball we recommend most for doing abdominal, chest and sideline work.
If you have osteoporosis, fibromyalgia or are rehabbing from an injury, the gold ball is for you. 
10" diameter 
$47 (CDN)
Most of our balls come deflated, so you will need a pump to use them. We have specially designed a pump that is small and powerful enough to inflate the PVC plastic balls. This pump is small,  light and perfect for travel. It comes with a removable needle, so you can also deflate your balls. 
Please Note: Many sport pumps will fit into the nozzle of the ball, but they may or may not work to inflate the ball and there is a risk of damage.
$32 (CDN)
Proper Foot Function
Improve Gait & Alignment
Increase Flexibility

Whether you're a dancer, athlete or just love to stroll the neighborhood, Yamuna Foot Fitness is an essential tool to strengthen and maintain toned feet throughout your life.

$70 (CDN)




Once you're comfortable practicing all the YBR® routines on the gold ball, graduate to this harder, denser ball to get deeper into your tissues. The silver ball lets you work individual muscles in more detail. It offers greater intensity, more profound releases,

and a true deep-tissue massage experience. We guarantee you'll really feel your muscles!

This is the harder edge ball that we recommend for working the legs and if your back is in good shape, you can also use this for your back. We do not recommend this ball for abdominal, or chest or sideline work to begin with.

Note: This ball comes deflated and needs pump. Pump sold separately. 

$50 (CDN)


"I have found the use of the different Yamuna® balls to be one of the simplest, easiest, low stress, dynamic and effective ways to consistently work on improving my muscle tone, my posture and keeping my joints mobile and free from aches and pains."

Anne Thiessen

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