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04.21.2020 - Wellness 4 Every BODY 2020.
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Body Rolling has literally changed the shape of my body.  Anne is very knowledgeable

in all things about the body and is an excellent teacher.  She makes everyone feel

welcome and comfortable.  I would recommend this practice for everyone. 

Once you start you soon realize how good it makes you feel.


Rita J,  Sylvan Lake, AB


I highly recommend Anne Thiessen's Body Rolling classes!  Anne has a very positive, caring way of instructing the class with detailed explanations that help us understand the process.  I haven't had any restless leg problems since starting body rolling and look forward to classes.  Thanks Anne for all your knowledge and love of fitness!

Sherry M, Sylvan Lake, AB


If you have aches and pains and don't we all?  Give Anne's Body Rolling class a try. 

It will change your life.  Thanks Anne!

Shari B,  Sylvan Lake, AB


Using my Yamuna® balls and again am so thankful for learning some tools.   My body

was so relaxed and I had a fabulous sleep!

Lynn C, Red Deer, AB


I have arthritis in my back and my husband has pulled muscles and pinched nerve in his neck.  We went for one class with Anne and he came home from work saying it was the

first day pain free in weeks.  My back also feels amazingly better after learning this Body Rolling from this superstar instructor!  Would recommend this to anyone looking for pain relief or just well being.  Thankyou for teaching me what you  have about has changed my life.  A whole lot less pain and a lot less pills to manage that pain.  

Cheryl M, Mayerthorpe, AB


Body Rolling success....I experienced a strain and severe tightening on my calf muscles

due to over exerting myself with a gym sport....very painful.  Flexing and Advil didn't help.  Desperate to find a solution, I manipulated the area, using the small Yamuna ball,

the way I was taught in class....pain free immediately.

Sandra M, Red Deer, AB


Anne is the most positive teacher I have had to lead a fitness class.  She is knowledgeable and patient while she teaches and directs members correctly.  I have enjoyed her classes for 3 decades.  Yamuna Body Rolling is a wonderful workout where you can visibly notice

the results.  I describe it to friends as giving yourself a massage but with a ball.  Everyone knows how great this feels

Karen R, Sylvan Lake, AB


Body Rolling is a great exercise program that relieves tension and helps keep my body flexible.  You feel lighter and have more energy.  Anne has been my instructor for many years.  She is an amazing instructor.  Knowledgable, attentive, professional and fun. 

She's the best!

June M, Sylvan Lake, AB



Those of us who consider ourselves so fortunate to have been with Anne for years, are constantly amazed at how stretched and relaxed  our bodies feel after a Yamuna Body Rolling class. Even  ten minutes of rolling after our aerobic/weight training classes makes a noticeable difference in our recovery.  I would encourage everyone, should you have the opportunity, to give it a try.

Barb S., Sylvan Lake, AB


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